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I realized that there is such a good product in the world
by Junior Nima

I forgot my iPhone XR backup password. I am very anxious. I have photos of me many years ago. Until my friend recommended PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker, I realized that there is such a good product in the world.

It is effective
by Alexander Manuel

This software really helped me a lot, full-featured, can retrieve the backup password, remove the backup password, and remove the screen time password. I used this to remove my iTunes backup password, which is very effective.

You saved my life!!!
by Evan Chan

You have no idea how many previous data in my iTunes backup!! When I realized that I forgot my password, I told myself no matter how much I pay, I have to get the data back. So, I search the solutions on google. After trying many products, iPhone backup unlocker made it! It helped me recover my password! I don't know what to say but thank you! Really thank you!

so lucky that this software helped me
by Bubu Molina

I forgot my iTunes backup password, so annoying, I don't want to enter the password every time I back up the data. This time I want to remove the password, I am so lucky that this software helped me.

by Alex

I'm trying to solve the iTunes backup password problem, but if I want to reset the password I have to factory reset the device. I don't want to lose my data. So, I decided to find professional help that's the reason why I bought iPhone Backup Unlocker. Thanks to god, I finally recover my password! Good product!

recommended it to my father-in-law
by Claudio Barreto

iPhone Backup Unlocker is a very useful product. It not only removes the iTunes backup password but also removes the screen time password. From then on, my wife and I are no longer afraid to forget the password after setting the password. I also recommended it to my father-in-law and my mother-in-law.

Good Product
by Jasper

Good product! I hope it can be a better product! Anyway, thanks for solving my backup problem.

retrieve itunes backup password
by Lucero Sanchez

This product is very amazing, it helped me retrieve the iTunes backup file password, now I can open the old backup to restore the data.

this product removed the password for me
by Nicholas Cox

My child likes to play with my mobile phone, so I set the screen time password for my mobile phone, so she won't open my mobile app, but one day I actually forgot the password, I regret it, find someone everywhere. Ask the solution, my friend introduced PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker, this product removed the password for me.

5 Stars
by TeddyLi

After spending 5 days my iTunes back password has been found. Thank god! I will not set the password anymore! Appreciate iPhone Backup Unlocker very much!