[2024]How To Get Rid Of Verification Required On App Store?

By Andy Samuel to iPhone Tips | 2024-03-04
“How do I bypass the “payment method” on the app store…this is what I get when I try to download stuff.”

You may sometimes encounter a “Verification Required” error when installing apps from the App Store. This error requires you to verify your billing or payment information. This pesky pop-up plagues App Store users, demanding verification even for no-cost downloads.

But fear not, this article will demonstrate how to stop verification required when installing free apps . Furthermore, we will discuss why is verification required to download free apps.

Part 1: Why Is Verification Required To Download Free Apps?

What Does Verification Required Mean?

It's like a digital checkpoint for your Apple ID. "Verification Required" on the App Store typically indicates that your payment method information associated with your Apple ID needs attention.

It sometimes keeps recurring even after you have verified the details.

The following is the list of potential reasons behind the verification required app store loop:

  • You do not use your Apple ID to install paid or free apps.
  • Apple may fail to deduct charges using your existing payment information.
  • You are using a payment method unsupported by Apple.
  • You have not updated the card information.
  • You might not have enough funds.
  • Someone under Family Sharing accounts has restricted your account.

Part 2: How To Get Rid Of Verification Required On App Store?

Method 1: Update Payment Information

If you have not downloaded an app before while using an Apple ID, you may need to fill in your payment details. After this, it will allow you to download any apps on your iPhone, whether the app is free or paid.

  • Open Settings, hit on your name, and then proceed to Payment & Shipping.

    go to payment and shipping
  • Enter your Apple ID password in the text field and click the Continue button.

  • Now, add your billing information by tapping on Add Payment Method.

    add payment method to get rid of verification required on app store

Make sure to add valid debit/credit or PayPal card information. Also, your account should have enough balance to pay for any paid apps you may want to install. Once you have entered the valid payment information, you can install any apps on your device.

Method 2: Update Or Remove Payment Details

Sometimes, the verification required App Store loop occurs due to an expired or blocked credit/debit card. Also, if you recently changed your address or some other detail, your bank might have updated it on your card details. This causes a clash between Apple ID information and your card. Therefore, to eliminate this error, we recommend you update the payment details or remove and re-enter the card information:

Before removing a payment method, please make sure the following or else it won’t be removed:

  • There are no active subscriptions under your name, including iCloud.
  • Your payments for any subscription are not pending.
  • Your Family Sharing settings are disabled.
  • Open Settings, and tap on your Apple ID Payment & shipping.

  • Enter your Apple ID passcode and choose the card you want to update.

    enter apple id
  • Enter the new card number, CVV code, and expiration date, and hit Done.

  • To remove a payment method, hit the Edit button and tap on the red minus (-) sign that appears on the left side of the payment method.

    edit the payment

Method 3: Disable App Store Restrictions

Screen Time can also cause verification required error as it prevents you from downloading or buying certain applications. Please note that after disabling the Screen Time for the App Store, you will no longer receive notifications and your screen time data regarding the App Store.

The following steps will help you disable the App Store restrictions:

  • Open Settings and choose Screen Time settings.

    turn off screen time to bypass apple pay verification
  • Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions, followed by iTunes & App Store Purchases button.

    content privacy restrictions itunes and app store purchase
  • Ensure that the Installing Apps and In-App Purchases are set to Allow.

  • Select Don’t Require under Require Password to avoid entering passcodes each time you purchase or download an application.

    choose dont’ require

Method 4: Sign Out and Re-sign In

If you have verified your payment details and you are sure that your card is not expired, your account hasn’t been disabled, you do not have any pending payments, and you have sufficient balance and still fail to download apps from the App Store, you should try signing out and re-signing into your Apple ID. This will eliminate any bugs that might be causing the verification required error.

  • Open Settings and hit on your Apple ID.

  • Now, scroll down to select Sign Out option.

    sign out the apple id to stop verification required app store loop
  • Restart your iPhone and re-sign in.

Part 3: How To Stop Verification Required When Installing Free Apps?

Resolving the Verification Required issue requires you to enter your Apple ID password. If you forget your passcode, you will never be able to resolve this issue; hence, you will get stuck in the verification required loop permanently.

So, how to fix billing problem on App Store for free apps?

PassFab iPhone Unlock is the most reliable tool to help you remove the verification required message on your iPhone without an Apple ID passcode. This is an all-in-one tool for bypassing iPhone locks with a 100% success rate. It is compatible with all iOS devices. This incredible tool can easily unlock Apple ID, iPhone/iPad without a password, bypass screen time passcode, and MDM without iTunes or iCloud.

  • Install and launch PassFab iPhone Unlock on your system.

  • Choose Unlock Apple ID mode.

    choose remove apple id
  • Connect your iPhone to the system using an OTG cable.

    connect to the device
  • Click Start to Remove button to bypass your iCloud and Apple ID.

    choose start to remove

    Note: Make sure that your Find My iPhone settings are disabled.

  • Wait for the program to remove Apple ID from your device. This may consume some time.

    remove apple id successfully

Once the iCloud and Apple ID have been removed, you can sign into another Apple account and install applications using it.


To purchase or download applications from the App Store, Apple requires you to add a payment method to your Apple ID. Sometimes, you face a verification required error while installing a free or paid application, and you may wonder why is Apple asking for payment verification for free apps. In this article, how to stop verification required when installing free apps isn't a hard questions anymore as we have listed all the potential culprits behind this error while demonstrating the best ways to halt verification required App Store loop.